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   What Hath II, by Australian composer Kate Neal, is a fully notated percussion quartet which explores and abstracts encoded methods of communication. The ensemble uses sound, light, and movement to explicate patterns derived from binary code, morse code, and light coding. The aural, visual, and physical fuse together into a common language.    The percussionists observing and perceiving encrypted information becomes the experience itself – often without the need to decipher or ...............





understand what the code is actually communicating. It is only at the end of this work that a small part of the encryption is revealed, with the ensemble screaming ‘What Hath God Wrought’ – the first message sent by S. B. Morse in 1844.


   What Hath II is part of a substantial series of works that make up the large-scale music-theatre work Semaphore, to be premiered in Melbourne, Australia, 2014.



Performed by Mobius Percussion

(David Degge, Mika Godbole, Yumi Tamashiro, Frank Tyl)

Music | Kate Neal

Director | Troy Herion

Camera Operation | Jamie Northrup

Audio Engineer | Andres Villalta

Audio Mastering | Cenk Ergun


Recorded in Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University on Monday, June 3, 2013

Released on October 24, 2013


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